Impeachment: A Citizen’s Guide
Books , Kindle Edition / October 30, 2017

Impeachment: A Citizen’s Guide: Impeachment: A Citizen’s Guide “Sunstein has written the story of impeachment every citizen needs to know. This is a remarkable, essential book.” — Doris Kearns Goodwin As Benjamin Franklin famously put it, Americans have a republic, if we can keep it. Preserving the Constitution and the democratic system it supports is the public’s …

Hacked: The Inside Story of America’s Struggle to Secure Cyberspace
Books , Kindle Edition / October 15, 2017

Hacked: The Inside Story of America’s Struggle to Secure Cyberspace: The spectacular cyber attack on Sony Pictures and costly hacks of Target, Home Depot, Neiman Marcus, and databases containing sensitive data on millions of U.S. federal workers have shocked the nation. Despite a new urgency for the president, Congress, law enforcement, and corporate America …

The Future Is History: How Totalitarianism Reclaimed Russia
Books , Kindle Edition / October 3, 2017

Award-winning journalist Masha Gessen’s understanding of the events and forces that have wracked Russia in recent times is unparalleled. In The Future Is History, Gessen follows the lives of four people born at what promised to be the dawn of democracy. Each of them came of age with unprecedented expectations, some as the children and grandchildren of the very architects of the new Russia, each with newfound aspirations of their own–as entrepreneurs, activists, thinkers, and writers, sexual and social beings.

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